Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...Seems Like A Good Reason To Get Stabbed.*Nods Slowly Yet Assuringly*

You must not know, I'm Lord Muhfukkin Starks Playa.

So everyone's favorite Lord of Lords got in a scrap earlier this morning. As reported by the lovely people over at the UK's daily mail Sean Bean(to the left, to the left), star of HBO's hit series Game of Thrones was stabbed this morning following an altercation involving the luscious English glamor model up top, April Summers.

Story goes Mr. Bean was macking Ms. Summers outside Hill Bar a local pub not from both of their homes. When the two escaped
 the confines of the bar in order to have a smoke a passerby got disrespectful with Summers. As we all know Lord Stark don't play that shit and confronted dude about it, all seemed cool until the next time Bean went out for a smoke, dude was out there ready for him and Bean was dealt a number of superficial wounds, getting stabbed at least once in the arm.

The kicker? Bean doesn't cry like a bitch or go to the hospital though, heavens no! He puts on a band-aid after fighting dude off, sits down at the bar and orders another drink!