Monday, June 13, 2011

WTF am I doing???

Soooo...a new blog! Mind you I still barely run a blog I started in 08' but details shmeetails. I guess the public should be happy because I need an outlet that doesn't involve the vigilante murdering of vagrants and prostitutes. No, no, of course I don't murder things, I was just joking. A good laugh that's all, I swear! Relax, have a drink. What's that? It's supposed to smell like that...those are the vitamins and minerals you're smelling. I swear.
Now what can we expect from this endeavor? Beats me.

Oh. You need more? Well my reasoning for this blog is that I am a very random person obsessed with pop culture, politics, sports and other minutia that I spend faaaar  too much time on. So why not discuss these things at length with people who have not tried to drug and rape me yet? Sounds cool to you? Great. Let's do this!