Monday, July 25, 2011

So Amy Winehouse Died This Weekend.

Perhaps The Best Before/After Anti Drug Add Ever!!!
 Amy Winehouse's body was discovered by her bodyguard Saturday July 23rd due to what everyone assumes is an OD. 
I dunno what to say. I hate seeing shit like this. You'd like to think given the opportunity these young assholes with advantages would be able to get their shit together. A truly immense talent, Winehouse chose to squander making herself look like an idiot on youtube and the papers. As successful as she was  in the 3 short years she was able to put music out, with a voice and writing talent like hers...too bad she only cranked out 2 joints. The worst thing is no one's really surprised about this at all. I don't think she saw my last post. Crack is Wack!!! I'm trying to save lives here people.