Thursday, August 25, 2011

At Least Taylor Swift Would Possibly Like To See Me Happy

eh...sorta nsfw but not really.

So I've been on the fence about this a couple days. The other day I accidentally through no fault of my own typed "Taylor Swift Topless" into Google and then sifted through the countless links by mistake and in error came up with a picture of Taylor Swift topless! How does that happen!?! I'm just as shocked as you. I know right? 

Keep in mind this comes days after I directed a stern post to Nicki Minaj's right titty for quitting on the job, so naturally I was depressed. It's obvious to me Taylor knows how much I stalk her adore her and her breasts and planted this picture knowing how klutzy I am with this interweb thingy. Either that or the pic is a fake but I choose to go with the former.

Oh. The fence I've been sitting on? Well, apparently there are legal and illegal pictures that can displayed on sites. It's well noted thus far I enjoy all forms of....ummm...female forms. Very well noted indeed, but I'm pretty sure Taylor Swifts lady lumps do not resemble a solid rectangular black mass. As a grade A class 5 certified breast inspector, I'm pretty sure of it. So I don't get the pants sued off me for jumping the gun and trying to bring a little more beauty into the world, edits were made. If you would like to see all, Google it up(accidentally of course) or see dude at celeb jihad who apparently is swimming in titties.