Friday, August 19, 2011

Best Non Apology Apology Ever!!!!

Non Apology Apologies are usually employed by jerks, 
passive aggressives and smart asses
who have black hearts and feel they are always right.
They are also used by people who won't back down due to principle.
I don't know which of these Andy Levy is but this is the best NonAp* to date.

*yea I'm making it a word, I don't got time to be spelling and shit.

"I'm thinking bout beating a bitch right now."
I have no clue who this Fox News guy is but he makes a lot of sense here. Which is very odd because like I said, he is with Fox News. None the less, he is right. Hiring good PR and getting fellow "star" celebrities to vouch for you shouldn't be enough to let some jerk wad off the hook for beating a girl to within an inch of her life just because you know how to use auto tune and can tap dance.

It'd be different if Chris Brown learned something from the whole ordeal and changed his behavior but nah, guess he was good on that. He continued to act a fool going psycho on GMA and engaging in a lame twitter beef with singer Frank Ocean. Yes. Twitter beef. SMH yall, SMH.
Anyways, it's become clear to me this dude just doesn't have respect for too many people and his anger issues are still unresolved. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt myself but a jack ass can only do so many jack ass things before he's called a jack ass. I mean it's cool to defend yourself from anybody but when you can't distinguish the line between defense and assault something is wrong.

I don't know Chris Brown personally, so I'd like to say right now I could be totally wrong about him and he could be in complete control of himself these days. In fact, I hope that is the case but he really isn't presenting himself as one who has got himself sorted out. He is young so dude has some time to mature but my outlook on that is pessimistic as long as fame and money are part of  the equation for him.

For those of you who feel CB deserves a second chance or has paid his debt remember Michael Vick was locked in a cell for 3 years because he abused a dog meanwhile, C. Breezy is making music videos and throwing furniture around post interview after having done community service for beating another human being half to death. Neither of them were right but at least Vick had to have a time out to face consequences and actually stop and think about what they did. Chris Brown no biggie, he can moonwalk so it's cool. Where's the justice???