Thursday, August 25, 2011

Emma Stone Really Needs To Throw Some Wet Jim Carrey's Way...He's Thirsty.

 Jim Carrey wants to bang is in love with Emma Stone(pictured left). He feels his chances are pretty slim because his balls are old and prune like. Further complicating matters would be my disclosed love for red heads and the fact that Emma is very high on my to do list as well. Jim is still in luck however because my days are filled full of staring at tits disciplined hard work and stress. These things make it impossible for me to give Emma the attention she rightfully deserves. This star crossed love triangle may very well test the limits of the human heart in ultimate effort to seek out whether or not love can overcome any obstacle.

Well done Jim, well done indeed but yet another player enters the game called love

Jim, there seems to be plenty of women to go around here, I think we can work something out. How about I take the red head and you take the blonde? I get to pick first because it's my site, not to mention you were wifey'd up with one of the hottest women in the last...well, Jenny's still quite hot.
Look man, throw me a bone here, I'm trying to work with you...I don't know why you wouldn't be more cooperative.