Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gavin Whats His Name Was Attacked Last Night

That's right! Degraw. Gavin Degraw! Gavin Degraw, also known as the guy I confuse all the time with Gavin Rossdale or the guy who penned and performs that annoying One Tree Hill theme song (btw, how is this show not done yet???) got the shit kicked out of him in New York's lower east side by some street punks. Degraw, valiantly got up in a daze and tried to walk off the beat down before getting hit by a taxi cab. I shit you not. I. Shit. You. Not.

He ended up in Bellevue Hospital with a broken nose and surprisingly he didn't seemed to have been robbed so it looks like he'll be okay. I haven't heard anything malicious about the guy, so if writing a really annoying song is his only offense it really sucks to have something so bad happen to a good guy. The good city of NY needs a hero. I mean, I have the will...I just don't have the tools. Dammit...wait a minute. Wait!!! I can hunt down the treacherous jackals and incapacitate them with crappy recordings of shitty songs from angst ridden teenage dramas! Why haven't I thought of this before? Justice will be served my friends, justice will be served.