Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The GOP Is Very Competitive This Year.

Not to be out done by Michelle Bachmann, republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry displayed his own corn dog swallowing technique for voters in Iowa...

Wowsers! Looks like Rick is really going for the gusto there. He must want to be president even more than Bachmann! I must say though Rick, you look a bit desperate. But wait....


No Uncle ...THIS is a suggestive gay photo.
Out to prove he can handle every bit of a load as Bachmann or Perry, Rick Santorum decides to tackle an ice cream cone in a completely not gay at all kinda way...not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean he can't be gay cause he supports all those anti gay laws and doesn't think gays deserve rights, right? Don't worry he's not an intolerant, narrow minded, bigot or anything, Rick Santorum is just worried about America's moral fabric. It's not like Rick Santorum doesn't like chocolate ice cream, he just thinks chocolate ice cream make for a poor husband and family man. Chocolate ice cream is bad for America's moral fabric but chocolate ice cream is well known for it's length and girth so sucking it off in front of cameras looks cool...again in a completely non gay way.

Not sure how well this analogy is going so know that "chocolate ice cream" means black people  and by "completely non gay" I actually mean very extremely, tremendously, repressed mayor of gay town gay. Not a pretty good showing from Santorum thus far and this public display of machismo aint gonna help his google search results:

When all is said and done Bachmann ended up the victor in the Iowa polls but tis to be expected. You really can't argue the victory when she handles polls like a pro.