Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How Sturdy Be Thy Throne?

So  The New York Post's infamous Page Six reported that relations between Kanye West & Jay Z were kinda shaky. Allegedly, Jay Z is mad in short, because Kanye is being a diva and wants to spend a bajillion dollars on their upcoming tour for the duo's Watch The Throne album. Click the link to read the details if you'd like but after reading it I thought it was probably a big deal out of nothing. Jay Z has since took to Hot 97's airwaves to dispute the story basically saying as much, audio via YouTube after the break.

I dunno Jay, you know when the Post reports it, it's always true. Since as you didn't have the courtesy to call me when you decided you wanted to team up for another album, don't come running to me when Kanye won't let you borrow his man-purse and it throws the group chemistry off.