Monday, August 8, 2011

Kelly Rowland's Nipples Got Jealous

Not to be out done by Nicki Minaj's feeble one boobed "wardrobe malfunction" Kelly Rowland's nipples both met in an undisclosed location and over a pot of mint tea and a plate of sugar cookies decided to do this...

"Wow! That is a lovely top Kelly! It...ummm..really brings out...your...umm, err...boobs!"

I wasn't aware there was a competition out there but Kelly has won regardless. It's all about breast equality people. How can we as a human race expect to treat each other as equals when we do not ask the same of our women's breasts? I applaud you Kelly Rowland, you are a shining bea...that really is a magnificent pair of titties. Can titties win nobel peace prizes? Someone should check into that.