Friday, August 5, 2011

Maybe It's Just Me...

I don't know if she gets her make up put on by the reanimated corpse of Leonardo Da Vinci, or maybe it's just my attraction to (natural/natural looking) red heads in general but I would seriously serve my penis to Kathy Griffin on a silver platter for her own enjoyment. It also helps that I find her hilarious and that she made no effort to behave herself on Piers Morgan's show last night. Take a looksies after the jump.

I've always found her both hot and funny. I kinda feel odd about it, but maybe that's just because she uses a lot of self depreciating humor. Personally, I think that's her defense mechanism to ward off stalkers. She obviously she doesn't know defense mechanisms mean about as much to me as the guy asking me to give a moment of my time to discuss how I can save MILLIONS!!!! on my energy bill.

C'mon Kathy, Piers don't know what to do with that.