Monday, August 1, 2011

Since I like to pretend I'm smart....Let's talk finance!!!

Here's a breakdown of this deficit & debt ceiling that's been running amok in the news the past week. It's a video so that dumbs it down on one level for simple folk like me, but the manner in which this guy Kahn breaks down the subject, it is as if he knows we're all stupid already! He takes this explanation to the deepest levels of dumbing down for us so we can all pretend to be smart in case our dinner party invites don't get lost in the mail!

I feel smarterer, how about you? Now that we got the basics we can get down on the remix for all these punk ass subsidizing mofos! Gangsta! Seriously, keep it a hundred, if you want to get smart on short notice and actually contribute to adult conversation from time to time, in order to snatch them bitches, check out Kahn Academy on YouTube. It is a vast supply of knowledge on a vast array of shit. Your welcome.