Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Umm...Does The Ghost Of Lil Wayne Past Cause HIV In This Video?

Now, I've watched this "How to Love" video a number of times and still don't get the point. Someone help me here. Maybe It's just me. Pay close attention to juuust before the "dancer" finds out she's HIV positive right around the 2:54 mark.

First off, let me say I like the song and the direction the video wanted to go. Very positive stuff, very dark stuff, very emotional. Bravo to Lil' Wayne. I just don't understand what's going on at that 2:54 mark.

I'm bewildered. For the Majority of the vid Wayne is a third party who narrates through song and does not intervene in the lives of any of the characters. All of a sudden at 2:54 Wayne, what's supposed to be Wayne's ghost spirit, or a cloned alternate reality version of Wayne is in the stripper/prostitutes or prostistripper's home, he touches her and bam cut to doc's office, confirmation? Yes, HIV positive. Cue the water works.

Pressing Questions And Observations...

  1. Has Wayne broken from the narrator character & if so why? What significance did the head touch have? Did it contain the HIV??? Is he a ghost? If so why would his ghost want her to have HIV? Did his ghost get shafted by her in a recent child support case?
  2. Maybe the Wayne appearing in her home is not a ghost and maybe it is a separate Wayne who was already in the home and he and spanish dude she brought home from the club just tag teamed it. In this case, Wayne is not a ghost but still maybe gave her HIV...Why would he wanna give her HIV but more so, why would he want anyone to think he gave her HIV?
  3. Wayne was not a ghost nor was he a participant in the 3way but he was stalking this poor girl and by touching her head and running away so she would not see he felt closer to her than ever but If this is the case it completely goes against the theme of the video because that is not "How to Love", not unless rape vans and restraining orders are a way of life for you. Why run? Your Lil Wayne! Confront this chicks obviously wanton behavior, show her the error of her ways, console her and then go doggy style on her, but strap up cause I hear she has HIV.
Overall I thought the video was very positive and that is rather refreshing.It'll also get people thinking & talking about HIV/Aids prevention, also a good thing because it doesn't look like those are going anywhere sadly. That one ghost/clone/whateva head touching sequence still mystifies me though. It wasn't needed in the video at all, so it must have some type of point? Hopefully some day we'll get an answer. Although, I'm still wondering about Rick Ross & that wheel chair in the "John" video.What the hell was he doing in a wheelchair???