Thursday, September 15, 2011

Former NBA Playa Glen Rice Smashed Sarah Palin. What's The Problem?

So former Knick/Heat/Laker player Glen Rice banged Sarah Palin while in college according to unauthorized biographer Joe McGinnis in his new book "The Rouge". I can totally see that happening. I don't think it's much of a big deal but some people do I guess.

I can see the the time Palin was a "reporter" for some small time Alaska station and Rice was a star for Michigan, I suppose there is some reporter "code" or ethical obligations to be respected. Really though, as much as I can't stand the lady's politics she was a kid, he was a kid...and kids do what kids do while in college. I think it's as simple as that. Technically, Palin may have been out of school. I don't know or even care but they were both in their early twenties and wanted to do a lil' bump and grind, She wasn't married at the time so I don't see how anything else really makes a difference. Professionally she didn't use the guy to get the "scoop of the century" or anything. She didn't win a Nobel or Pulitzer on account of Rice taking it strong to the hole(you like that one right? High Five!). Where's the foul!? (and one!) If it was a male reporter who banged some woman's volleyball player as a sports caster no one would care. Palin deserves flack for lots of shit...this aint one of em.

And now for your enjoyment fun photoshops and parodies of Sarah Palin!!!