Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Genius Japanese Innovation: "Baby Mop" For Lazy Infants

Just Watch...

Brilliant! Only the Japanese have the brain power and intellect to develop and market such technological miracles. I'm surprised Jesus didn't invent this and strap on adult sized versions to those useless disciples. When you're fighting for the salvation of souls no one wants to clean up the mess Peter just made because he can't control himself anytime Jesus turns water to wine.

From the looks of it, the Japanese know what they're doing. Infants have skated by on their looks and charms for far too long now. The Economy is in the crapper. America is pretending it's not home when creditors call and saying it's moved to Canada, Canada is probably pissed about arguing over those Girls Gone Wild charges that don't even belong to them. Someone has to earn their keep around here, why not infants? 
Who ME???
So you attach a mop to a tiny jump suit, steal take a baby, put slave baby in jump suit and BOOM...instant manual labor at your disposal.
But wait! That's not all....
Think about this logically now...If you take all the babies involved in the "babies for tax breaks market", along with the babies from the "babies for welfare market" and strapped a mop to them can you fathom how much money can be made  from outsourced janitorial services! Instant profits! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, I'm about to go adopt a couple babies right now. Pregnancy? Babies momma's? Nine months of labor? Pfft, I don't got that time homie, time is money playa. This thing is already gaining traction in the American media. Honestly, I can't tell why this avenue wasn't explored in President Obama's recent job's plan.