Friday, September 2, 2011

Hey, Lil Wayne...You Do Know You're Wearing Women's Clothing...Right?

So ummm, hey Wayne...musically your aight. That's right. ONLY aight. That's a discussion for another time and place but your definitely a trend setter that has his own style. Which is why no one was surprised to see your leopard print leggings at the MTV's VMA's. Just know I won't be co-signing this cross dressing thing. To all the Wayne fans who are gonna argue it's unisex ...No.It's.Not. It is very much female clothing. To be honest, I think his young money protege Nicki Minaj would fill it out much better. Maybe he borrowed them from her? Who knows but I'm more concerned that Wayne thought he had the hips to pull that off! I mean c'mon!