Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scarlett Johansson Has Been "Hacked"

Courtesy of reddit there was quite a bit of buzz late last night & early morn, when Scarlett Johansson...well...she had her phone "hacked". In Hollywood speak that means nekkid pictures are hitting the interwebs.

At this dizzying rate, If I turn on my computer and don't see a celebrities naked ass or titty I just assume the internet is broken that day, or doomsday is upon us or something.

You would think these celebs would combat these hackers with the very sophisticated piece of alien technology called a "polaroid". I've heard it's hack proof but hey, maybe they have the right to take candid photo's of themselves in the what's apparently a very hackable  format and then get totally shocked once they get "hacked" and the photos end up online.

                    (NSFW...unless you work at a nudist camp.)

                                              Not That I'm Complaining Or Anything...