Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So Ray J Thinks He's Tupac Now

 If you didn't know after Floyd Mayweather's controversial fight this past weekend another beating allegedly  took place between Fabolous and some dude who once banged Kim Kardashian. 2Pac Ray J then decided to get ignorant and hit the airwaves to regal us with his tales. So, if you thought the headline was hilarious check this out, I found the threat of bro-rape to be extra hilarious!

(btw...NSFW due to language...sorry)

Fabolous then decided to give his less hyped, less ignorant, more believable sounding account.

I always had a low opinion of Ray J so I'm a bit biased. I mean what is he even famous for? He's a slime ball. Can we really call him a celebrity? He taped, leaked and endorsed an exes sex tape (Kim Kardashian) only to have said ex become 10x as famous as he ever was. Is he famous for music?! hahaha, I couldn't even keep a straight face writing that question. If I badly mangled my hands in a freak garbage disposal accident I could probably still manage to use only one of them to count out the number of "hits" he's responsible for.

Ray J is basically a spoiled brat who grew up in a good middle class family which turned into a upper class family once his big sis Brandy hit the big time and became a 90's R&B sensation. He's been riding his sister's coat tails ever since because he has no discernible talent of his own other than fucking groupies with no self worth.

So when this privileged jerk brags about the money he probably doesn't have and the things his  family probably owns while being asked direct questions about a situation he called in to advertise, I'd sooner believe in the divine power of our savior Tom Cruise if you don't mind. Thank you very much.