Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Been 3 Weeks And I Don't Know Why Wall St. Is Being Occupied

I have been holding off on mentioning this topic because I really have no clue as to what it's about and the thing I hate more than anything else is people running their mouths and not knowing dick. I broke down after realizing that the internet was built on the premise of people running their mouths and not knowing dick! Anyhoo, I recently surfed reddit and found a discussion on Occupy Wall St., the movement which at the moment has flooded NYC with protesters galore and I hoped to get some anwers as to what the hell this protest was all about.

I didn't.

I mean, I get why they're mad...pretty much the same reason most of us without a trust fund are mad these days. We're perpetually broke, for a growing number of us retirement is a joke and it seems as if the government has sat us down at the kiddie table to eat in silence while it breaks bread with the big shot corporations that have joined them around the grown folk table.

I get why they're mad (there is a list of grievances), I just don't get why they're protesting.

I could be wrong, but I always thought an effective protest had clear goals. I mean if I'm one of the 700 plus people who got arrested out on the Brooklyn Bridge, I at least would like to know that it served a purpose other than having a story to tell about the time I got locked in a crowded cell that smelled like gremlin piss for the weekend.

for me this statement said it all:

"...I have personally experienced the stress the mortgage crisis has had on finances and as much as I hold banks responsible I also know they are not entirely at fault. At some point people have got to take personal responsibility. I think occupy wall st. is a good way to get noticed and bring attention to some of the bad practices of business but it seems from everything I've seen their goal is to launch an all out attack on big business and capitalism and I'm not sure how that helps.

In my opinion, the good intentions of the 99% are there but it'd be much more effective if they learned the system they were trying to attack and then operated from inside of it. Hoping and wishing for the death of capitalism is a far fetched goal. Even IF that were accomplished have they stopped to think what next?

Is the next move communism?

Are they imagining a post apocalyptic barter system in which we are all trading beads?

It's not enough to be angry and wanting to change things. You have to have a plan and a new system to effectively put into place. I don't know how you can hope to oust such a vital system without offering an alternative.

The real trouble is the thinking that "big money" is corrupting business and our way of life when in reality it's human nature that is corrupting business and our way of life, and no amount of protesting can change that. 99er's should realize/remember that "big money" or "big business" has to start off somewhere. A profitable "big money" corporation doesn't just spring up overnight. They start off as smaller ventures that hopefully have something to offer and work hard to get to that "big money".

The problem is what happens once they get to that point, becomes about money but even more than that it's human nature.

This is the reason why all systems are flawed. No matter how even you try and make the playing field, if you want an organized society where your children can be protected by police and your family has running water and laws can be made so that there is some kind of order inevitably, there are going to be people put in position to govern those things. Sometimes those people are noble and things are great and sometimes those people are corrupt and profit off someone else's misfortune. Sometimes, you have a person start off noble until the position itself corrupts them. These issues are not exclusive to capitalism at all, and if the thought is that they can be eliminated at all, the 99% will be in for a harsh reality."
That guy sounds smart! The point is, that there seem to be no objectives after about three weeks of protests. There has been tons of media coverage but the very villainy these young whipper snappers are trying to bring down doesn't respect them in the least bit. That's okay as long as there is a plan of action on how to bring down those villains though, trouble is I haven't seen or heard one.

All in all, I think it's a good cause and the heart of this movement is in the right place but they are lacking serious direction. Maybe they don't really want direction but If that's the case then all this protesting just sounds like a high profile public complaint letter ready to be thrown into the waste basket by corporate America.