Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Is Not Having A Good Week...Month...Year...

I kind of feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan. She use to be hot. She use to have a hot career. Once upon a time the whole nation couldn't get enough of her. That sure didn't last too long.

She needs help. I just think that maybe she's one of those people that needs to lead a simple uncomplicated life, she may need a little more boring, a little routine to slow down and simplify things for her...and maybe a dentist.

Jail might be perfect for that!

As luck would have it that might be where she's going after violating her probation Lohan now may be facing a year and a half in prison.

I take no joy in her misfortune but this bitch needs to be in jail. Her antics have moved past bizarre, zany and funny; they have now approached disturbing and "is this bitch serious?!?" territory. She was on probation for two separate incidents incuding a car jacking of some bros while high off her ass on coke and theft of a $2500 necklace from a boutique.

I'm a 100% positive if Lindsay's first name were Loquesha she'd be eating out Fat Pat right now for not giving up her pudding quick enough at dinner. I think it'd be good for her. She needs to feel the harsh sting of reality. She needs to know she's no longer a star and that shit won't come easy. So hopefully this is the kick in the vag that she needs in order to get her straight and more importantly, get her happy.