Wednesday, October 12, 2011

People Don't Get That Lebron James Is An Attention Whore

So Lebron James sent out a tweet to NFL analyst/expert John "Kung Fu" Clayton...okay, so I'm the only one who actually calls him Kung Fu but that's besides the point. So, Lebron sends a tweet asking this renowned NFL expert when is the NFL's free agency deadline.
And then the internet exploded.

"Is he gonna play football?" 

"What team will he play for? The Browns? Miami? It's gotta be the Browns, he did that commercial!"

Everybody please just shut up and relax a second.

Never mind the fact that if Lebron is a real football fan he should know free agents can be signed at any point during the regular season. Free agents get signed and released just about every day in the  NFL. Also, never mind the fact that he has a sports agent that is paid to handle sports businessy things like free agency, I'm pretty sure if his agent didn't know offhand he could google a proper answer in no more than a few minutes. Forget that if he's ever ever ever ever played franchise mode in Madden he'd know the answer to this question and let's not dwell on the fact that his bestest bud Dwyane Wade was just hanging with some NFL owners and that James himself probably has a few NFL players numbers on hand, he NEEDED to get this info from one of the most respected and most read analysts in public forum.


Because he is an attention whore.

Why else?

This is what he does. He makes a cryptic statement. Backs off cryptic statement. Starts indirectly referencing cryptic statements and then completely ignores statement was said until it gets close to "decision" time.

Attention. Whore. I mean he's smart, he knows how to keep people talking about him, I'm doing that now but please don't take this guy seriously it'll end bad for you and he really doesn't give a fuck. 

The NFL is not the NBA, where a player can come off the streets today and suit up for the game the next day. There is a playbook to learn. There are signals to learn, tendencies to learn. Chemistry and trust need to be developed with your teammates. This is not something that can be done all in a few days, so even IF Lebron James planned to play in the NFL this season (which everyone should note, he shrewdly never said in the first place) then it would be some time before he ever saw any game time and even longer before he was able to make a difference and at present time a quarter of the season has already passed.

He needs to keep the public engaged to build his "brand". Can't hate him for that just recognize it. I can understand people frantically wanting it to happen also. As good of basketball player he is I think he'd be an even better football player and he is kinda outta work now so it makes sense but if he were serious, it'd be done already. It's not like NBA players didn't know the lockout was coming. It wasn't a secret. He could have attended an NFL camp the second the NFL reconvened. Is anyone really gonna say "You need an appointment MR. James?" I understand James' motivations and even respect them but personally, I kind of find it offensive he thinks the public is stupid enough to get suckered into caring about another one of his major life decisions but apparently there is a portion of the public that is.