Friday, October 21, 2011

Reality Bites For Kim And Kris Humphries As Divorce Rumors Run Rampant

Dear Kris,
...You didn't know what to do with this anyway.

So the rumor mill has been burning up over the relationship status of Kim K and Mr Humphries. These guys have both been married to each other for about 2 months but they're both young and have  access to the kind of money that lets you hunt the homeless for sport without being judged by the laws of man. So of course they'll probably divorce...duh!

If you're famous,young and have money, you should be out in the world sluttin' it up and getting every last ounce of it out of your system; because once your an old has-been who's broke, no one will love you and you'll die alone. There are a few exceptions but this is how things work in most cases. I'll reserve some doubt as there could always be a chance everyone is getting hyped up over some bullshit but I'm gonna start practicing a pro sport now just in case Kim should need a penis shoulder to lean on.