Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rihanna Is The Face Of A New Global Threat

This is Rihanna this past week on X Factor USA...

After observing this video several times it appears that Rihanna is suffering from a growing problem that afflicts many women in society these days.

You may have noticed the following:

  • longing gaze/intense eye rape
  • heavy breathing
  • licking/biting of lips
  • noticeable tension
Rihanna looks as if she is suffering from a hungry vagina. It is indeed a growing problem for women these days. At increasingly alarming rates more and more young ladies are stuck in a perpetual state of insatiable lust that can not be broken. Ask yourself...have you ever seen Rihanna not look horny in public?

This is not a new phenomena; the male equivalent would be restless penis syndrome,  the startling aspect of this growing epedemic is the rate at which it is growing amongst the female population. As a member of the Professional Enrichment and Recovery of Vagina Team, I have done extensive research. The only humane action would be to recognize the symptoms, make the necessary studies, offer support and contribute to the  prosperity and recovery for malnourished vaginas everywhere.

If Rihanna, the sexiest woman alive can be afflicted by such a condition, it can hit anyone.

In the near future Indiscriminate Swag plans to produce a telethon to support nourishment for vaginas and eradicate hunger but until then stay strong and fight the good fight.