Saturday, October 22, 2011

Taylor Swift, Sexy And Charitable

It's nice being able to talk about something other than the celebrity divorce rate and coked out hookers actresses. So earlier in the week when the gorgeous, talented (and very deserving of that VMA thank you very much Kanye) Taylor Swift quietly donated 6000 books to the town of Reading...yes, the town's name is Reading and I'm not trying to make a funny pun. You guys are really Reading too much into this...

According to this article I was Reading those donated books were about a $68,000 value.  This woman is adorable in a sexy but non slutty way which is good for her character but terrible for when I'm trying to picture her doing naughty things. It makes me feel guilty and a little spooked as if she's been Reading my thoughts.

I'm pretty sure any moment someone is going to tell me it's pronounced "Red-ing" in order to make me feel like an ass, and I assure you I already know this as I have dated a young lady from Reading previously. Also I am already aware that I am an ass. I embrace it. I engulf myself in assholishness as if in a pit of assholes despite the fact that it sounds a bit off. But besides being an asshole I am fair shallow and Taylor is hot sooo here are some pictures of her not taken from behind her bushes.