Saturday, October 15, 2011

Would You Like That McBeatdown Super Sized For Another .49 Cents?

Men shouldn't go around beating up women. If you read this site before you probably know my stance on Chris Brown. However, that doesn't mean a man shouldn't defend himself from getting his ass whipped or even killed by a woman. Makes sense right? McDonald's employee (soon to be former employee) Rayon ( the fabric.)McIntosh thinks so. 

Here's the set up.
Two drunk aggressive women enter McDonald's and try to pay the cashier Rayon with a $50 bill. The bill looks suspect so Rayon who has a record, wants to make sure he's thorough so he can keep his job and so he's not accused of any funny  business. Rayon proceeds to ask about the bill. In what the police must think is a fair and diplomatic response, the women strike Rayon and then hop the counter to pursue him and corner him two to one. Draw your own conclusions:

 Rayon...charger with felony assault, Two drunk bitches delicate yet angry and emotional creatures...public menacing charges. Wait! WHAT?  I shouldn't be surprised though. This guy was bound for misfortune the second his parents decided to name him after an itchy fabric. Speaking of which, can we get some "Free Ray" tees and can they be made of  rayon in his honor? Wheres the justice? SMH.