Friday, November 18, 2011

About This Penn State Thing

A couple of thoughts.

I've read the grand jury report in entirety and read the articles and heard the statements. I have put together the initial facts and at this point I have walked away with an opinion on this thing. I know right! An opinion? Crazy.

First, let me say Paterno should have been fired. If you're Penn State, actually if you're any university then reputation means everything. Despite the fact he didn't really do anything wrong, he's the face of the football program AND the school itself. In any industry in which image and reputation mean anything he'd be fired and any PR person would say the same. That was inevitable.

The fucked up part is that even though Joe Paterno admits he could have done more I don't know if that would have been a great idea or even if he did anything wrong in the first place. Mike McQueary (the graduate assistant in the grand jury report) is the actual witness to whatever deviant behavior occurred in those showers that day. This is important for two reasons. 
 One, from a legal standpoint anything Paterno knows about that event is third party hearsay that a decent lawyer would dismiss as gossip no matter how guilty Jerry Sandusky is, no matter how many witnesses saw boys harmed and ran back to tell Paterno unless he saw it, it's hearsay. What if McQueary had a personal or professional beef with Sandusky and used an innocent relationship with a child as an opportunity to get even? Now as we'll see later, Sandusky (and his lawyer) are too stupid to probably piece together a defense like that but smarter people would absolutely use that as an excuse to create reasonable doubt.
Secondly, from a moral, ethical and common sense stand point how many people are willing to ruin the life and career of  a man with no proof and not having witnessed any wrong doing themselves? And what should Joe Paterno do about this alleged thing that went down in his building? Should he put together a sting to see for himself and gather more evidence? Should he throw a man he knew for about twenty years to the wolves over conjecture and rumor? Paterno could have asked questions but if this was a cover up (which it looks like it was) then not only would Paterno not get answers but he'd probably lose his job.

The only thing the university did wrong was not let the dude resign respectfully. I think they could have hired independent investigators to assess the situation and gather facts while he finished the season. I mean either way he was canned, so I guess it doesn't make a difference and I would have let him finish the season but I can see why he was fired.

Mike McQueary is the actual witness to the alleged molestation and the thing that kills me is that this guy basically saw his boss raping a boy after hours and it makes total sense to call the cops(which he may or may not have done as it now seems) and everybody is up on their high horses and acting as if that is a quite normal situation in which they know exactly how they'd react.

Let's be serious now.

Unless you're Steven Segal or a trained officer like, uh...Steven Segal, you have no clue how you'd react. Saying that you would know exactly what to do in that situation is like saying you would know exactly how we'd react to a gun point mugging or a tsunami. Sure there are guidelines and rules society has observed to keep us safe from these things but when actually faced with it, things never play out how we thought they would in our head. It's never as easy as watching an after school special and going through a check list of what you should do. It's real life and there are always more variables and it's always messy. 

Now I'm not saying McQueary gets a pass on not saying anything if he indeed kept quiet. What I am saying is that the position McQueary was forced into was not an easy one in the least and for anyone to say they know how they'd handle it, I'd think they were making light of the situation.

As for Sandusky:
yeah...that just happened.

Why his lawyer would allow this sick fuck to make an idiot of himself I don't know but this man is clearly guilty. Costas grilled this dude like a boss. A BOSS. Sandusky better grease up his asshole pretty thoroughly because you know where else people like anal rape? Prison. And that's where this dude is going.