Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Courtney Stodden Breasts Are Real Supposedly

If you are unaware this is Courtney Stodden and she is 16. Yes. 16. 

She supposed to be an actress/singer but she is pretty much famous for nothing but being a 16 year old whore who married a 51 year old creepo actor Doug Hutchinson. If you're not familiar this guy.

Yes. They are married. These two...
So apparently Stodden's honor as a teen whore was questioned due to rumors that she had a boob job and this blemish on her good name vexed her finer sluttish sensibilities so she had an ultra sound on her teets in 6 inch heels on national tv in order to prove they were real. Of course she did! I mean what else is a teen whore supposed to do!? Isn't getting felt up in the name of science on page six of the teen whore handbook?

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Not that I care but I take all this hyped up production with a grain of salt. The marriage is a sham, the show is a sham, I don't even know if  those are real doctors. I don't count Dr. Drew as a real medical doctor by the way. To be honest, this whole story really concerns me about the moral fabric of this country. That fabric seems to have been jizzed on repeatedly and then used to wrap around the arm of a vet who has developed an addiction to heron and needs to find a vein.