Monday, November 28, 2011

First Penn State, Now Syracuse SMH

I don't understand why it's not authorized for molesters caught in the act to be shot on sight. That would probably reduce the hordes of pervs out there that want to diddle your young kids. Anyway, assistant basketball coach for the highly esteemed Syracuse University's Orangemen Bernie Fine was recently named in allegations of sex abuse...he denied it but too bad his wife is on tape basically calling him a monster. SU not partial to the public thinking they love little boys anuses fired him.

Syracuse Chancellor-
"Dear Students, Faculty, & Staff:
Tonight, in the wake of troubling new allegations that emerged in the media today, I am writing to let you know that Bernie Fine's employment at the University has been terminated effective immediately.
Frankly, the events of the past week have shaken us all. The taped phone call that ESPN revealed today was not provided to the university by Mr. Davis during the 2005 investigation by our legal counsel. Like the media review of the case a few years earlier, no other witnesses came forward during the university investigation, and those who felt they knew Bernie best could not imagine what has unfolded.
Since I last wrote to you, we have been cooperating fully with the authorities. On Friday, November 18th, as the District Attorney has noted, we turned over to his office the results of our 2005 months-long investigation. Also on November 18, our Board of Trustees retained an independent law firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, to review our procedures in responding to the initial allegations when they first came to the University's attention. I fully supported that decision and it is vital that we examine our protocols and actions in dealing with such serious allegations. We need to learn all we can from this terrible lesson.
All of us have the responsibility, individually and collectively, to ensure that Syracuse University remains a safe place for every campus community member and everyone with whom we interact on a daily basis on campus or in the community as part of our learning, scholarship, or work. We do not tolerate abuse. If anything good comes out of this tragedy, it will be that this basic principle is reinforced.
Nancy Cantor"
 All sick stuff. The wife Laurie Fine also got in on the action sleeping with the victim as he got older. Looks like the feds are getting involved at this point but as a taxpayer I kinda think a bullet to the head is a lot more cost effective. Think about the economy people.