Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heavy D Is Gone Now Too! C'mon ....RIP


I just did one of these! And why Heavy D? He was the over weight lover. There are tons of other cracked out, ready to go celebs that are a danger to themselves and others, everyone loved Heavy D! In fact I'm pretty sure anyone who has ever said anything bad about the man has had a gypsy curse placed on them because I'm sure gypsies are down with the heavy one as well.
If you're not familiar with Heavy D he was a rapper who saw success in the 90's with a number of albums. Unlike most rappers at the time he chose not to dwell on dealing drugs, slappin' thugs and calling women bitches and hoes. Yeah, I found that kinda odd too but it worked for him. After Heavy's music career slowed down he went where the paper was and got down on that hollywood money. He did a number of soundtracks and a number of well received acting roles. I remember recently seeing him on a pretty moving SVU episode. I'm sure the man was loved and will be missed.

The guy just had style. 

Me thinks TMZ reported this first and has the details but my sister thinks he's gone to soon and this was an assassination attempt by "the man" because The Hev was just too bomb diggity. My mom thinks he died of aids because she thinks all celebrities have aids, and I just think he died because he was too phat...see what I did there? Did I mention death makes me uncomfortable? I should stop typing now.