Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Penn State Ish Is Crazy Right?

Sooo this is whats going down...
  • A Penn State coach named Jerry Sandusky is an alleged sicko perv who diddles kids.
  • A graduate assistant happened to stumble upon one of Sandusky's diddling sessions.
  • Graduate assistant told his boss who told his boss until it reached the school president, seemingly everyone knew something at some point but absolutely nothing was reported to authorities.
  • Sandusky is indicted and arraigned earlier this week, the grand jury report is released and all hell breaks loose.
  • In efforts to save face, the university trustee's clean house culminating with Head Coach of the football team, Joe Paterno announcing his own retirement before being fired late last night.
  • Riots ensue.
I wanted to write something earlier but I had to do that thing where you try to get money to pay your bills so your not alone and lonely, contemplating ironic and comical suicide attempts due to mind numbing ,crushing debt. As a result I'm still sorting through who knew what and when. I'm reserving my opinions until I go through the full grand jury report(sounds like fun!). ESPN seems to be all over this but the Huff Post as the cool kids they call it, they got an excellent timeline. Where's Benson and Stabler when you need them?