Monday, December 5, 2011

Vybz Kartel Is An Idiot

Dance hall reggae star Vybz Kartel is in escape, waiting to go to on trial for the murder of some promoter named Lizard who probably didn't have half as bright of a future as Vybz did. At the very least Vybz could have made it as an extra in the next Twilight movie if dance hall ever died. Now the only thing dead is Vybz career. Oh and Lizard! How could I forget Lizard?!

Rumored to have escaped  out of jail like an episode of prison break by everyone, Jamaican authorities say they'd have to be idiots to have let that happen. After the media stared blankly and asked them if they were sure that they in fact knew that they were Jamaican authorities they confirmed that they were aware of who they were and that Vybz was still in jail.